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One of my favoirte passtimes before I got sick was running races with my fmaily and friends. I honestly thought for a moment that I was never going to be able to complete a race on my own again. THANKS to the amazing team of Dr’s, Nurses and Therapists that pushed me to be the best version of myself. I am excited to take on this challenge for myself and raise money for an organization and a team that I whole heatedily believe in. Come out and run (or walk, or roll) with me!


May 22nd is a very special day to me.

It will my ONE YEAR WEDDING ANNIVERSARY with the best partner a human could as for!!! Zeke and I could not think of a better way to celebrate then by giving back to a community that helped us through the first year of our marriage, made us smile and gave us hope. Please consider donating and joining us!

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$55 from Tim S.

"Happy Anniversary to you both!"

$10 from Joan M.

$50 from James L.

"Much love, Nic and Zeke"

$20 from Terri J.

$20 from Cora C.

$50 from Robin C.

$20 from Robin C.

$50 from Harold V.

$20 from Harold V.

$20 from Conni V.

$20 from Bob S.

$50 from Kathy S.

$20 from Kathy S.

$20 from Erica D.

$25 from Chelsea D.

$20 from Amy H.

$20 from Alexis D.

$100 from Gretchen G.

$25 from Elizabeth G.

$100 from Johanna W.

$250 from Iseman PLLC

"Go Nicole!"

$20 from Janet F.

$25 from Anonymous

"I'm cheering you on; happy anniversary"

$25 from Emily & Greg M.

$40 from Holly M.

$100 from Bethany S.

$50 from Matthew R.

$50 from William G Jr C.

$40 from Monica L.

$30 from Nicole V.

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Goal: $500 (Raised: $1,345)

Progress 100%

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