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The Walking Drinking Caps are gathering for our second annual Walk Roll Run. We are grateful for the services and care provided by Sunnyview and are walking to make difference in the memory of Brian Connolly. 



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$100 from Eileen Z.

$100 from Melissa and Bill C.

$20 from Sarah C.

$20 from Susan A.

$50 from Joanna B.

$50 from Michael D.


$100 from Aldo D.

$20 from Aldo D.

$50 from Gemma D.

$20 from Gemma D.

$50 from Laci C.

$50 from Meghan D.

$50 from Christine A.

$50 from Sarah C.

$20 from Mary R.

$30 from Mike O.

$20 from Scott R.

$20 from Gerald L.

$50 from Stacy L.

$25 from Stacy L.

$100 from Gynger C.


$20 from Gynger C.

$20 from Valentina K.

Fundraising Goal

Goal: $500 (Raised: $1,035)

Progress 100%

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